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Mayo, FL

Hidden Gems Farm

Last Updated 3/9/14

Hidden Gems Farm

Vickie Clement

Mayo, FL

(909) 767-2487


Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Welcome to Hidden Gems Farm!

Our little farm is located in Mayo, FL which is in the Northern part of the state, between Tallahassee and Lake City.

We got into goats when our granddaughter was 3 years old  due to her health needs. Taylor has many food allergies and is on a very restricted diet. Goat milk is one of the few luxuries that she is allowed on her diet. With being retired, living on a plot of land that is 10 acres and my love for animals, I decided that we would get our own dairy goats to milk for personal family use.

After much research we decided that Nigerian Dwarfs would best suit our family for two main reasons. The first was due to their sweet tasting milk which also has higher butterfat for cheese making. Second, I have raised Great Dane dogs since 1985 and I finally reached the point of wanting a smaller animal to work with. The Nigerian Dwarfs have worked out perfectly for us! In my opinion they are much easier to maintain and care for in all aspects with their smaller size. We also fell in love with the Nigerian's varied colors and the possibility of blue eyes.

Since my entire family consumes the raw milk, I decided to follow WA state guidelines for a licensed dairy. In 2010 and 2011 our entire herd was tested for Johne's, CAE, CL, TB and Brucellosis with every goat receiving negative results.

Please take your time to enjoy these wonderful new additions to our family...our hidden gems!

Thank you for stopping by!  Vickie Clement



Ariel, Beauty, Daisy, Dory, Minnie, Olivia, Tink

Akela, Koda, Kenai

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